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Our Approach

We provide highly specialized, meticulously individualized medical services for those looking for more than traditional healthcare offers. Our facility is equipped and staffed for the high-end, comprehensive assessments that are the foundation of the best functional integrative medicine. We'll help you manage exercise, nutrition, medical procedures, medications, and laboratory testing to live the longest, healthiest life you can.


Our Goals

Our work has two goals: current wellness, and a lifetime of ability and comfort. Both goals contribute to increasing the healthspan of our community members by laying the groundwork for decades of muscular health, flexibility and balance, sustained executive function and memory, neurocognitive health, decreased reliance on medications, and the absence of pain.


Our Services

We specialize in functional integrative medicine, an approach to health that combines Eastern and Western medical traditions to create treatment plans that are both comprehensive and highly targeted. Our goal is always to identify the root cause of a problem - even if that cause is complex - and then to address it directly.



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Boost Performance and Longevity Center is located in the beautiful Hill Country near Austin, TX. Give us a call, drop us an email, or just stop by the office and introduce yourself. We'd love to get to know you!

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