IV Vitamin Therapy

Membership ($99/mth)

Boost is proud to offer customized vitamin therapy using IV infusion in a professional and welcoming setting. Each membership includes one Classic drip per month and additional drips can be purchased at the member rates shown below.

Classic Drips ($149/members, $175/non-members)

Myers Cocktail

New to IV drips? Try this classic blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Contains magnesium, B complex, high does vitamin C, multitrace 5, B12, and glutathione.


Keep your immune system in peak condition during cold and flu season.

Contains zinc, vitamin C, B complex, B12, glutathione, vitamin D3 (IM injection), L-lysine (optional antiviral boost).


When you’re tired of feeling tired, try this drip to boost your energy levels and improve mental focus.

Contains B complex, B12, magnesium, biotin, vitamin C, and carnitine.

Peak Performance

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to stay active, optimize your post- workout recovery by replenishing essential nutrients.

Contains B complex, carnitine, arginine, B12, zinc, glysine, and magnesium.


As close to a hangover cure as you can get, this drip will have you feeling rehydrated and refreshed after a long night.

Contains B complex, magnesium, vitamin C, multitrace 5, and B12.

Metabolic Boost

Support your weight loss journey by optimizing fat-burning potential and encouraging lean muscle building.

Contains B complex, B12, carnitine, zinc, glutathione, ALA, and MIC.


Reset your system with this revitalizing blend of antioxidants that will boost your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Contains vitamin C, B12, glutathione, B complex, ALA, and MIC.

Headache Help

Alleviate debilitating migraine symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Contains magnesium, B12, B6, B2, CoQ10, and zofran (optional nausea medication).

Deluxe Drips ($212/members, $250/non-members)

Top Shelf Drip

Treat yourself to this luxury blend that supports energy, cellular protection, detoxification, and immune system function.

Contains zinc, vitamin C, magnesium, glutathione, arginine, B complex, ALA, and carnitine.

The Boost

Try our signature drip, and enjoy increased energy, immunity support, and decreased inflammation.

Contains vitamin C, magnesium, biotin, zinc, B complex, glutathione, CoQ10, and Lipo MIC/B12 (carnitine, methionine, inositol, choline, B12, B1, B2, B6).

Power House Antioxidant Drip

Boost your body's resources and minimize the damage of free radicals and oxidative stress.

Contains high dose vitamin C and high dose glutathione.

Premier Drips ($850/members, $1000/non-members)

Ponce de Leon Drip

Spanish explorer known for his quest for the infamous Fountain of Youth. Discover yours with this exceptional drip.

Contains NAD (500 mg), glutathione (1500 mg), B complex, B12, glutamine, trace minerals, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and amino acids.

Other Drips (pricing based on dosage)


Pure liquid gold! This powerful antioxidant detoxifies, protects and energizes.

1200mg - $155
2000mg - $215

Contains glutathione.

Vitamin C

Infuse your body with a slice of immunity. Supercharge your healing and detoxifying power.

20g - $215
30g - $265
40g - $325
50g - $380

Contains vitamin C.


Enhance your energy production, repair DNA, boost your mood, brain rejuvenation and aging gracefully.

285mg - $285
500mg - $385
750mg - $525

Contains NAD.

Boosters ($25/members, $30/non-members)

Add a boost to any drip.

Vitamin C
Multitrace 5
Amino acids
B Vitamins or ALA
B Complex


Boost uses only high quality ingredients in our IV vitamin therapy. Click here to read more about what goes into our healthy and targeted drips.