Boost Center Membership

Intake & Initial Consultation ($959)

Every patient's treatment at Boost starts with a comprehensive intake process. Your first visit will include a lot of paperwork (see Becoming a Patient) as well as a battery of advanced tests and a 30-minute consult with our nutritionist. You can expect this consultation visit, including the DEXA scan and other tests, to take around 2 hours. Approximately one month after your initial visit, you'll have a formal two-hour intake consultation with Dr. Conroy, where you'll review the results and develop your individualized performance and longevity plan. During that visit, you'll schedule any required follow-up tests, go over details of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other aspects of living a healthy life, and leave prepared to become the best version of yourself.

Membership ($175/mth)

Once your intake and consultation are complete, we'll move on to long-term upkeep and support of your individualized health plan. That support is covered by a monthly membership fee, guaranteeing 24x7 access to Dr. Conroy to help resolve any challenges, review data, answer questions, and otherwise facilitate your new habits and lifestyle changes. He will also handle routine medical tasks such as medication refills.

In addition to that ongoing contact, you'll come in every quarter for a formal checkup, which will include blood work, a DEXA body composition scan (up to six per year), and a one-hour followup consultation with Dr. Conroy. Lab work is not included, but prices are negotiated by Dr. Conroy directly with the provider, resulting in significantly reduced costs, or it can be submitted to your insurance for coverage.