Nutritional Coaching with Maggi

Metabolic Makeover ($699/members, $899/non-members)

This is a 12-week nutritional reset which includes an initial consult and discussion with Maggi to help review your history and develop an individualized nutritional program custom tailored to your needs. It is important when following a program like this to have some accountability and follow-up. Included is a 15-minute virtual check in with Maggi to ensure your questions are answered and you are on your path to health. Also included in this program are a DEXA scan to evaluate your body fat percentage as well as your lean muscle mass. This will help to determine your appropriate caloric needs as well be a marker for progress made.

  • 1 hour initial consult
  • Customized Nutritional program
  • Weekly 15-minute virtual check-in
  • DEXA scan before and after program**

  • ** Please note that DEXA scans are included for members of Boost, otherwise they will be discounted to $100 per scan for non-members, which is not included in the cost of this program.

    60-minute Check-In ($129)

    This service is available after completing the 12-week Metabolic Makeover program.