Medicine for Living Well

The Boost Center was conceived as a way to serve the Austin community, and to meet an unmet need in the surrounding area: medical care that supports an entire lifetime of physical and mental ability. As we explain on our Healthspan page, many standard hospitals and medical practices offer primarily crisis care, as well as some very general and often unhelpful preventative services and advice. We aim to do much, much more.

Dr. Conroy's experiences as both emergency physician and athlete have left him convinced of the need for dedicated, lifelong pursuit of health. There is no simple way to achieve that: it requires consistent effort by patients, a close partnership with a physician who knows you well, and an individualized approach to testing, assessment, and treatment.

Those are the principles around which the Boost Center was designed. Diet and exercise are both cornerstones of long-term health, and of matching healthspan to lifespan, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to either. Some constraints are obvious, such as allergies or physical impairments, but others are both subtler and more complex. Epigenetic and environmental factors, a wide range of lifestyle factors, and differences in body shape, structure, and physiology can all require unique interventions.

The program we have developed here uses a suite of the most advanced forms of testing available to identify and individualize the best options for each patient. Through a series of ongoing tests and consultations, Dr. Conroy tailors advice on habit formation, nutritional practices, sleep, meditation, and exercise. By working as a team, we can lower the burden of disease, reduce your reliance on medications, and gradually help you develop a firm foundation of mind, body, and spirit.