Testing Services

DEXA Body Composition Scan ($150)

The DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan is the gold standard in both medicine and fitness when it comes to assessing body composition. It gives an ultra-precise, extremely detailed view of the distribution of fat and lean mass over the entire body, allowing for accurate determination of health-relevant factors.

DEXA body composition scans are included in your monthly membership, but supplemental scans can be scheduled upon request for additional cost.

DEXA Bone Density Testing ($150)

The same technology we use for body composition analysis also allows for bone density tests, which give a precise indicator of your risk for fracture (i.e., breaking a bone) and overall bone health. As with the DEXA body composition scan, it is the unquestioned gold standard in its field.

DEXA bone density tests are included in your monthly membership, but supplemental scans can be scheduled upon request for additional cost.

EndoPAT Endothelial Health and Function Test ($250)

Cardiovascular health — the function of our hearts and the delivery of oxygen through our veins and arteries — is essential to both lifespan and healthspan. Traditional tests of cardiovascular function, such as blood pressure tests, are useful but limited. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art EndoPAT device, the only test approved by the FDA for the non-invasive assessment of arterial health ("endothelial function", in technical terms). It provides unmatched detail and accuracy for stratifying cardiovascular risk.

Lab Testing (prices vary)

Lab work is the standard term for tests that check for enzyme content, lipid content, and many other specific biomarkers in blood, urine, saliva, and other samples. The Boost Center uses a custom-designed battery of labs developed based on a functional and integrative approach to care, one far more comprehensive than standard labs run by a primary care physician. Its goal is to identify early markers of disease to allow for mitigation and prevention, as well as to support comprehensive overall health assessment. Lab work will include markers of inflammation, advanced lipid and hormonal testing, amongst a battery of other tests ordered.

After intake and initial testing, future lab work is tailored to each individual patient and repeated quarterly, allowing us to monitor your progress and collect specific pieces of genetic information that are crucial for tailoring your plan and safeguarding your health.

The variability of lab tests requires that they be billed individually. In order to secure the best possible prices, Dr. Conroy negotiates directly with the test provider, and passes high discounts on to Boost Center members.